Monday, April 6, 2015

Parker Jay comes Home!

The end of January, my amazing little brother returned home from his mission. He served in the Uganda, Kampala mission. We love him and were so happy to make the trek to Pocatello for the weekend he got home. We drove, which we haven't done since we moved to Newport. Oliver was a champ during the long car ride and the roads were clear. So it was an enjoyable road trip. The weekend came and went too quickly, but we loved seeing our Elder Thomas home. 
Such a great rider. 
At a rest stop somewhere in Idaho
We beat everyone to the airport. The boys had a great time running around. 
Elder Thomas!
The family

Parker came home to a new niece and nephew, which must have been strange to him. They love him already! We love seeing cousin Cora whenever we visit Pocatello. Oliver and Cora are buddies and really do love each other. It's so fun they'll be friends so close in age. Here are some bath pictures that I love. 

We also got to see Carrie and Kevin and their boys. Oliver loves playing with them as well. Asher is good to show Oliver how to play. Cute boys.
We love grandma's house, from Nutella toast (and all the other yummy food) to the awesome play kitchen that I used to play with to the magical grandkid room upstairs.

I love this family of mine. I feel pretty lucky and really blessed I get to be a part of this Thomas clan.
Hugs for Max:
We also got to see Kevin! We love and miss him. Choco and him are best friends for life.
It was a wonderful and brief trip to see/meet Uncle Parker.

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