Friday, May 11, 2012

26 and 21

The last few weeks have contained both of our birthdays. On April 24th Chris turned 26! He had to work all day. After he was done, we went to Red Lobster (of course). He loves seafood and so it was only appropriate. I must confess I ordered Cajun Chicken Alfredo. I'm just not a fan of seafood, which is something Chris would love to change about me. I think as the years come, I will one day love seafood. But his 26th birthday was not that day. He got a large platter of lobster tail, crab, and shrimp and was pretty much in heaven. I promise I brought my camera but of course the memory card wasn't in it. I seem to be the worst at recording our adventures with my camera. I promise it was delicious and fun. 

Afterwards, we went to the movie theater and saw Wrath of the Titans 3D. I have been very anti-3D, but I must confess this was fabulous in 3D glasses. I was probably the only one in theater dodging rocks and what not flying at me :) It was great. We came home to eat some Pink Lemonade ice cream cake I had made earlier and opened gifts. We had talked about getting an old grill from a garage sale or something. I found one at DI for $5. Of course the propane tank was a bit more, but Chris is excited about being able to grill some delicious summer foods. Also, I got him some new socks and a bow tie (Chris recently learned how to really tie a bow tie by watching quite a few YouTube videos, so I figured he needed another one to show off his skills). It was a good day, and I sure love my old man. (Sorry the picture isn't great. Chris's eyes are kind of half shut.)

 As of Monday, I am officially 21!  It was a wonderful weekend and actual day.

We got to go home to Pocatello Friday evening after Chris finished work. Saturday morning we headed out into the cold Pocatello weather and wind to some garage sales. And as luck would have it, we found some great buys. Chris got a brand new set of grill tools, perfect for his bbq I got for him for his birthday. I got a set of dishes that I love for $3. You can't beat that.

Then. Drum roll please... I went and got my ears pierced!! I must confess I felt more like a 12 year old instead of a 21 year old. But I really do love them. It was a memorable act for my 21st birthday. And it was fun having my mom and husband with me. Yay! I now feel like a real woman. Or something. I even bought a few pairs today at Kohl's that I can wear in 6 weeks. We went to the tux shop with Parker that evening in preparation for prom next week. He is going to look so fabulous in his gray tux.



This is the "this is hurting a bit more than I had prepared myself for, but I'm still going to smile" face.

After. A bit in shock. 

On Sunday, Park became an Elder. He is so old and fabulous. We had a big family dinner together afterwards. We ate amazing steak, incredible potatoes, fruit, jello salad, etc. etc. It was so yummy! And even strawberry cake for my birthday. I love to be with the fam in Pocatello. Great weekend.

Monday (my actual birthday), was lovely. While Chris worked, I enjoyed a delicious crepe with Nutella and strawberries for breakfast. I just enjoyed the rest of the day. For dinner we went to Carrabba's. It was our first experience there. It was so so extremely delicious. I loved my pasta. Nothing better.

My super delicious pasta. and the bread was so good too.

Choco smiling from his ribs

Overall, both birthdays were great. We are a bit older; I don't know about wiser. But we are happy.