Sunday, April 22, 2012

Summer Time, please and thank you

I must confess I was very ready for school to be done last Thursday. I really do love school, most of the time, but the semester has been busy and long and the sunshine has been calling my name. Now, I can reply instead of going inside the library. Yay.

A quick catch up. Since last I've written:

  • Choco continued the job search
  • We attended the Color Fest in Spanish Fork for my first time. It was a bit chaotic. I was appalled at all the trash people just throw on the ground. But, it was fun and we got some color and enjoyed watching all the people. I had a pink scalp at church the next day. Now I can say I've had the experience.
The masses

A bit colorful

yellow with blue spots hair. love it.

  • School, school, and more school. 
  • Choco's family came to visit for General Conference. We went to SLC for the Saturday sessions. It was so wonderful. I'm always inspired and uplifted after hearing from the prophets. What a blessing!
  • Kenia and Jair stayed with us for a couple of weeks because they had a break from school. I love them both and it was fun to have them here in Provo. We played some tennis, watched some movies, played some games, and ate some food.  
    • We went to Pocatello for Easter with Josue, Kenia, and Jair. I always love seeing my family. We dyed eggs (seen in the following pics). Choco wasn't as thrilled about the egg dying due to the vinegar smell. But Park, Kenia, Jair, and I had a good time. 
    beautiful Kenia

oh Park.

our lovely eggs

brit and addie: tan from Hawaii
  • Finals came. I worked a lot at the testing center and mostly did well on my own finals. It was a good semester, and I was happy to be done. 
  • Choco got a job!!!! What a blessing it is. He is working for Western Technologies as a field technician. He will be working long days in the sun, but I he is liking it so far. He started on Wednesday. Friday was his first day in the field. He left at 7am and didn't get home until 11pm. He came home very sunburnt. I can only imagine how dark he will be by the end of the summer. I love it.   We're very grateful for our answered prayers. Now, I just need to find a job for the summer. 
His work attire. The flash caused the vest to reflect. 

sunburn after one day in the sun
  • Yesterday, we spent the day doing yard work. We made a little garden spot in our backyard. We're hoping for some tomatoes and peppers for fresh salsa. The plot is created, thanks to Choco's hard work. Planting will happen this week. Also, other big news. For the first time ever, yesterday I mowed our lawn. I guess because I had two brothers and a dad that always took care of it, I have never operated a lawn mower. I felt accomplished finishing despite the random design from my lack of experience. It was fun. It is a blessing to have beautiful sunshine here. 
working on our little garden spot

All and all, life is so wonderful. We are happy and healthy and blessed. Welcome summer!