Saturday, June 28, 2014

All Oliver

Here is a collection of all Oliver. I would apologize for the repetition of this boy. But, let's be honest, he is a handsome one. We're pretty much obsessed with his charm and sweetness and wonderful self. So here is Oliver, recently.

I took 9 month pictures almost a month ago, and I failed to post them. So here they are. It is quite the challenge to get Oliver to sit and pose for me. He's just too curious.

Oliver loves bath time. He gets so excited when he hears the water starting and he comes running. He laughs and moves around like crazy: standing, sitting, playing, etc. It's a good time of the day.

 An ice cream date with Madi and Ashley. They are hilarious together.

 Oliver is such a smiley boy. I love this face!

Sunday posing. We love Oliver's Hawaiian outfit from Grandma and Grandpa. These boys are the cutest, right?
 Lunchtime with papa.

 More Sunday posing on Father's Day. We're very grateful for this papa of ours.

The rare occasion now of Oliver napping with us. He was exhausted from a rough day of play. Is there anything more heavenly than a sleeping baby?
Oliver really likes to try on glasses. He's too funny.

Oliver loves the dishwasher. Really loves it. I try to get him occupied so I can do the dishes, but he always seems to know. He crawls over as fast as he can and stands up. He loves to pull out things and play.

Oliver and I also like to play outside on our little patio. He plays with the rocks: picks them up, studies them, occasionally tastes them (we try to avoid that), puts them down, and goes for another one.

We're blessed to live right own the street from the ocean. There's a little hike down to the beach. It's so beautiful and the perfect morning walk for us.

He also has gotten particularly good at messing with the DVD player and DirectTV box. He turns them on and off quite well. Smart boy.

These two love each other. They are the best of friends.
Another thing Oliver loves is the dehumidifier. Why are all of his favorite places where he shouldn't be? He's an inquisitive little man.

The other day we gave Oliver a plum. He loved it! He's certainly a fan of fruit.
A new talent is climbing in the cupboard under the sink. Another place where he definitely shouldn't be. Oh, but he loves it.

So there's our Oliver. He a curious, busy boy. I love being by his side as he explores the world. I'm blessed to be the one to show it to him.

I love you my Oliver. Forever and always. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

And here we have Idaho...

It has been an exciting last month and a half (ish) since I last posted. We bought a house in Newport! Pictures and post to come at a later time.

Right after we got the keys, Oliver and I left to spend some time in Idaho with my family! It wasn't ideal timing because Chris got to pretty much move everything without us, but he was a trooper. It was so wonderful to see and spend time with my family. I love them and I realized how much I miss home when we were there. It was such a treat to be able to run to the store with my mom or have my dad entertain Oliver etc. They're so great!

After flying into Boise we trekked the rest of the way home. My parents had just gotten home from a fabulous trip to Hawaii. They were more tan than I have ever seen them in my life, and they had a blast! I'm so glad they got to have an amazing trip together. They deserved it!

One highlight of our trip was meeting my sweetest niece Cora. She is a beautiful little lady, and we love her so much. Brit and Addie are fabulous parents, and it was fun to see them in action. It brought back memories of Oliver being teeny and so new. These past 9 months really have gone so quickly. He has grown and changed so much. Anyways, we love our Cora!

grandma and grandpa brought the
cutest Hawaiian outfit for Oliver

Oliver loves Grandpa. I think Oliver looks
so much like him in this picture. 
our first experience with stairs since
we live on one level
We headed to St. George the next day to see Carrie and Kevin and their boys. It was so good to see them. Oliver loved being around those good boys. He followed them around. He especially loved Max, who was so sweet to him. If only Colorado and Oregon were right next to each other :( We love the Allen family!

Unfortunately, Oliver was having a hard time being in his car seat for the long periods of traveling. We endured quite a bit of screaming on the drives. Grandpa was the best at keeping him entertained in the car. Oliver loves him! He just had a really hard time deciding to fall asleep even though he was very tired. He did have a fever and a tooth made its appearance the next day or so. So not feeling very well probably was some of the reason behind all the fuss in the seat.

Also, I got sick the night before we left St. George. I'm not sure what it was, but my stomach was very upset with me. We made it home, without too many bathroom breaks. I was feeling better for a day and then it came back again. So the rest of the trip, we took it pretty easy. It was a bummer to have gotten sick while we were home, but it was still so good to be with everyone. We had a Downton Abbey marathon with Brit and Addie, which was delightful. Oliver and I soaked up being with our wonderful family. I love them all so much! We can't wait until we get to visit again.
we love crazy uncle Brit
trying out a hat at Old Navy
tan tan grandpa

his hair
swimming time
Oliver and Asher
the boys hanging together
the sweetest boy!
oh Max. we love him
they were having so much fun by the air
trying to get these babies pose for a
picture Sunday morning
love that grandma

with grandpa in the pool
we stopped and visited these two on our way.
Oliver loved them! Especially Josue
(maybe because he looks like his papa)
love my boy
Ollie had a good time exploring grandma's house.
This was one of his favorite spots where
he could pull all the cookbooks off the shelves. 

love Cora
picnic time
Little Carter who is not so little anymore.
Oliver had fun playing with him and Jorri
home again with our favorite man
the best family ever. can't wait to have Park in the picture again. 
Thanks to mom and dad for the trip to Pocatello! There's no place like home, especially with such an amazing set of people. Love you all!