Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Life with Oliver

Oliver loves to move! He loves to scoot all around the house, exploring. He's been working on standing up and has pretty much mastered pulling himself up to stand (he uses chairs, the couch, boxes, me, etc.) I love my days spent with this active boy! He also likes to make a mess. He loves pulling things out of baskets. We're working on now putting them back in. He's hilarious and oh so fun. Here are some pictures of our recent daily happenings: 
he loves to go under things
oh that chubby boy!
we love to read together
"look mama, I found the dominoes!"
loves to climb on boxes
he loves noise! especially making it

In other exciting news, I am now an aunt to sweet baby Cora. Addie and Brit had their beautiful baby girl. She is so sweet and lovely! Oliver and I can't wait to meet her the end of May! 

beautiful little lady


Oliver has been doing some serious growing and changing. One of the major events recently is that our Oliver has teeth! He has his two front teeth, which are just adorable. It is hard work getting those teeth out though, and we have only begun.

The first tooth made its appearance after a fever that just lasted through one evening. Our baby was super mellow, and we didn't mind the snuggles. Gratefully, in the morning, he felt fine. That beautiful tooth broke through either that day or the next.

The second tooth followed suit soon after. Before it came through, Oliver was quite a little sick boy. He got a fever, and it was a rough day on both of us. He was moaning and groaning throughout the day. They were not the usual happy noises. He would wake up when I put him down, so I spent most of the day with him in my arms. This was my first real experience with a sick baby, and it was no fun at all. Oliver is typically such a happy boy, so it was hard to see him so sad. It was a rainy, sick day as I held my sweet boy. He was finally feeling better the next afternoon. So, now he has two beautiful teeth!
first little fever 
poor baby on the sad, sick day. that face :(
snuggling with mama
feeling better!
love him
show us those teeth

Friday, April 4, 2014

seven months

Oliver is seven months today. As I write, he is playing next to me. He loves the huge box of diapers. I think he likes to talk to the baby on the box. He also tries to pull himself up on it. Now he is heading for one of his favorite places in the house, the basket of shoes by the front door. Our son loves shoes. Unfortunately, he sometimes wants to chew on them, but he also just likes examining them. He is a moving boy.

It has been an eventful month with our Oliver. He really is learning and exploring now, and I love it and him.

Here are some of the delightful things about our seven month old:

~He really can move now. His scoot/army crawl has developed, and he is pretty fast. He doesn't exactly crawl, but he uses his knees more. He pushes with his feet and pulls with his arm and scoots pretty much everywhere.

~While moving about, Oliver pauses and poses for a second. He goes on his side and looks and grins at me. I like to think he's just checking in with me. "Here I am mom. Glad you're watching me. Let's share a grin." Sweetest.

~He transitions from sit to crawl position and down to belly for scooting quite well. He sits with such great posture, I've been noticing how much I slouch. I'm working on it.

~He's getting close to pulling himself up to standing. He puts his arms up on something and pulls. He's not super stable with standing all by himself yet (holding onto something).

~Oliver loves to talk. He babbles away. Dadada are his preferred sounds right now. I love his little conversations. He also squeals, kind of like a seagull. There is an occasional scream too, quite loud. I'm not such a fan of those.

~He's loving this eating thing, and will eat pretty much anything we give him. He chomps away. Although his favorite food is still mama's milk, he definitely loves food. I think he's going to be a great eater.

~He falls asleep by himself. It took a rough week or so (and some days are better than others), but he can do it now! It is a beautiful thing to just put him down for naps and bedtime. Of course, sometimes I just can't help but want to rock him to sleep. There is nothing sweeter, then him sleeping in my arms.

~Oliver loves to laugh. He is a happy boy. I'm grateful for his sweet and content little spirit.

~He is a flirt. Oliver loves to grin at everyone we meet. He enjoys seeing other kids too. He loves the attention from others, and since babies are kind of a rarity here, he gets plenty of it.

~His hair is really fuzzy and getting long. It is sometimes crazy, especially when he wakes up.

~Things he loves:
his papa, Oliver even gives him gentle kisses and it is the sweetest thing
shoes, as discussed previously
going under things, tables, chairs, etc.
bathtime! splashing
looking at himself
noise, he bangs things on the ground
books with mama. I love when he looks up at me with those chocolate eyes. I melt.
songs: I am a Child of God, Pat-a-Cake
peek-a-boo, he loves it and laughs so hard. we love to play while he's in his high chair. I hide below and pop up. it's our favorite game.
still loves my dancing and singing in the kitchen. good boy

We love our sweet seven month old boy. He's hilarious and happy and just the best.

the pose
he was having a hard time sitting still, go figure.