Thursday, February 28, 2013

our little lime

We have some exciting news. A baby is coming our way.
Our little lime will be joining us in September. We are obviously very excited and grateful.

I'm 12 weeks along making the baby about the size of a lime. How cute is that? Our little lime. Maybe we'll call her (if it is a girl) Lime Lopez...then again, maybe not. I do think the food comparisons are too fun though. September 12th is our due date for the little one to join our family.

We've been to the doctor's once and got to hear the baby's little heartbeat. So tender. It truly is miraculous.

I found out last week that I will be able to student teach Spring/Summer in Jordan district. This is a great blessing. I will start student teaching April 29, right after this semester ends. I'll finish mid-August and graduate then. With my Elementary Education degree complete, we'll be all ready for this baby to come our way.

So, exciting times our coming. I have been a little nauseous. A little throwing up and just not feeling super great. But I'm hanging in there. And of course it is for great purpose. Here are some 12-week pictures. I like to think I have quite the bump, but it might mostly just be food :)

sorry, I was laughing.
I didn't know what to do with my arms because
 Choco was saying I was sticking out my belly
 by the way I was putting my hands on my waist.
Thus the ridiculous picture of my hands in the air. 
And so, that has been life recently. Choco has been wonderful to take care of me. I'm so grateful he is here and always sweet and understanding. He is excited to be a dad. I know he will be so wonderful. 

Yesterday, was our 1 1/2 year anniversary. Go us! To celebrate we went to the YW/YM etiquette dinner. We even had to do a funny skit about good dating/eating manners. It was funny, at least we thought so. Choco got some new glasses, which was very needed. He's so hip now and kind of looked like a professor last night. He is so cute. So we had to take a picture.

Also, I just had to mention Valentine's Day. Choco brought home this beautiful homemade Edible Arrangement  He decided the real thing was too expensive, so he just made his own for me. It was so like him to be so creative. I love that about him. It was perfect. Yummy, sweet, and even in a mom mug for me. I have the best Valentine. We finished the evening out with our traditional Chinese food and a movie.

I think mom is the best title I could be given. I'm excited to be called that soon enough!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Dance

Happy Valentine's Day yesterday. Last Friday our stake had their annual Valentine's Dance. It was a fun night out.

I love dancing with Choco. We had a fun time dancing, laughing, eating, and watching the entertainment. I sure love that man of mine. They had a photographer there to take pictures and have made them available to us. So here's a couple candids from the evening.


Our faces are funny in some of them, but some are good. It was a lovely evening out.