Monday, July 21, 2014

Weekends with our family

Amy and Jamir have moved to Coos Bay! We're excited to have them closer to us. We went to visit them a couple weekends ago. We had a fun time enjoying breakfast burritos, finding stools for our kitchen at a thrift store, exploring Shore Acres, and eating delicious hamburgers. It was a perfect Saturday! 

We went bowling last week with our fabulous sister missionaries and our new friends Angela and Harmony. Chris got to use his new bowling ball and newly decorated shoes (I need to get a picture of them sometime).

We ate a delicious dinner at Zach's Bistro last week. It was our first time, and we went on Thursday which happened to be theme night. It was a Suriname theme, and the food was yummy.

This last weekend Sugey came to visit us from Tucson. It was fun to see her. Amy and Jamir came up too to party, and we had a good time with them. We visited Olalla Lake for the first time on Saturday. It was beautiful and we even got to swim, which doesn't really happen in the ocean here. Yay for some sunshine, even if we are feeling the sunburns now. We also enjoyed some fresh boysenberries from the farmers market (seen on Oliver's face below), and a fresh triple berry pie. It was the last day for them from Chalet, and we got the very last one. We also had a fun time watching the Lego Movie and playing Heads Up. We're grateful for wonderful family!

State fair and other fun

We've been enjoying summertime here in Newport. It has been beautiful.
We love shoulder rides, even at home. 
The most handsome boy.
We went to the Lincoln County Fair here in Newport. Oliver enjoyed the animals. We got to see the pigs, sheep, chicken, cows, etc. In the evening, we listened to a blues band. It was a fun concert with enjoyable music. We also got to see some senior citizens dancing for us. They were a little crazy and probably intoxicated, but it was entertaining. I enjoyed a funnel cake. It was a memorable evening with my boys. 
Oliver loves playing with this animal puzzle. It makes noises. 
We don't have tennis courts as close to us as in Waldport, but there are some not too far away. We've enjoyed playing a couple of time. Oliver loves the tennis ball. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

10 months

Oliver is 10 months, as of the 4th of July. He's getting so big and has so much personality. We love him tremendously. 

At 10 months, Oliver:
-Is simply hilarious. He makes us laugh everyday with the silly things that he does. And he laughs with us too all the time. He brings us so much joy!

-Has the most beautiful, toothy grin with his four teeth. He does a pretty good cheesy face. 

-Is such a great eater! He loves food, all food. He's gotten great at picking it up and putting it into his mouth. He loves fruits. We've recently tried blueberries, and he's hooked. Although he loves fruits, he really will eat vegetables too (squash, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, celery, etc.). He also enjoys meat or chicken and breads and cheese. Pretty much anything we'll give him. He's a growing boy and loves his food.  

-Crawls like a champ. He's getting fast. Stood by himself for a few seconds once, but really is hanging onto things or us. Falls forward to his hands and knees to get quickly moving. Has started a little bit of climbing (I blame Chris :) He gets up on the fireplace and has crawled into the cupboard. 

-Loves the bathroom. It is a danger zone with him unrolling toilet paper and loving the toilet. 

-Is a Curious George. He is into everything and wants to see what things are and how they work. He loves wheels and spinning them. He's really good at making a mess as he discovers. I love that he is so curious and eager to explore. I hope he never loses that. 

-Is so sweet. He gives lovely, wet kisses occasionally. We love butterfly and Eskimo kisses still. We love when he gets so excited to see us or come to us. He's delicious and such a good boy.

-Has been doing this weird head bobbing on his tummy on the floor. We don't know if he's trying to do push ups like papa or is just excited or something, but it is pretty funny.

-Likes other people. At church he goes around a grins at people. He's still a charmer. He likes being around other kids and is very observant of them. 

-Is a talker. He is a very noisy and verbal boy. Recently he does lots of talking with his tongue. He also has been doing lots of mama (not specifically directed at me, but I pretend so). He's started growling a little, which is funny. He ooos quite often too with his lips all puckered up (pictured below). He's also been exploring a range of other sounds and noises. We love talking with our boy.

-Has a little farmer's tan from some days of sunshine here. I think we have a tanning boy on our hands. 

-Has gotten the nickname of Ollie Wally that we use occasionally. Mostly, he's still Oliver. 

-Points at things. We think he sometimes waves, kind of. He likes to put his arms up when he's really excited. 

Oliver is a happy, energetic, funny, and yummy 10 month old boy. We love him so much!

He looked so handsome for church yesterday in this adorable outfit from Grandma.

First Fourth of July

This year was Oliver's first Fourth of July. It was a really lovely weekend! My fabulous parents drove the long 12 hours each way to come spend just a few days with us. They're the best! It was especially nice that the Fourth was a Friday so we all got a long weekend.

It was a pretty low key but nice day. Highlights of the day included a lovely walk on the beach in the morning, visiting Agate Beach later in the day, a yummy dinner with Ashley and Madi, fruit pizzas, and fireworks by the bay. Oliver was very tired by the time the fireworks started (of course, since bedtime is normally 8 or 8:30), but he enjoyed them. We sat cheek to cheek and he liked the lights. He didn't seem bothered with the noise either. It was a happy Independence Day. We love the U.S.A. and are grateful for the freedoms we enjoy here!

Saturday, my mom helped me plant some flowers for our patio area in the morning. We went to the Farmer's Market, where we enjoyed some delicious treats and yummy cherries. We drove up to Lincoln City, which was super busy, to enjoy the best fish and chips. They are so scrumptious and worth the long wait. Then we spent some time at the outlets. We ordered pizza for dinner and watched a movie. It was a lovely couple of days with my amazing parents. The weather was perfect, and we had a great time! We're grateful they were willing to make the long drive. And love their company!
Agate beach. It was our first time there.
 It has all of these sand dunes. It's really beautiful.
Oliver enjoyed the sand dunes too
the water was a little chilly 

We were so happy to have Ashley and Madi come join us!
Oliver and Madi are great pals. It's so funny to watch them play together.  
farmers market.  we loved the cherries
This is from last Monday. We had a picnic on the beach.
Oliver was so funny eating peanut butter sandwiches and exploring the beach.
He's hilarious and we love him so.