Thursday, September 20, 2012

Viva Mexico!

Last Friday we had our Mexican Independence Day party! It was fun, a little rushed to pull together, but fun.  We made molletes (which is just bread with beans and cheese). It didn't sound super exciting or appetizing to me, but Choco worked his magic and they were delish. He sauteed onions and chorizo and added the beans. I could seriously eat these beans all day long. We also made homemade jamaica, which is a drink made from hibiscus flowers. We bought them dried then boiled them (seen below). Then once it's cold, we added sugar and more water. It was yummy.

Erin and Tyson (and baby Mae) brought homemade delicious churros. We also had some salsas and chips and watermelon. Thanks to my wonderful mama we ended the evening with an incredibly moist and scrumptious chocolate bundt cake to finish it off. Thanks mom!

Besides food, we played a couple of games. First, pin the tail on the donkey. Parker and I found the dollar store version of it, and it was actually really fun even if a little silly. Choco and Park created a pinata for us in 20 minutes before the party started. And can I say it was awesome. It turned out to be some kind of robot construction man full of candy of course. We have fun singing the song and swinging. Of course I don't know the words to the song except for uno, dos, and tres so the rest of the time I just make up words. I know the tune :) does that count for something?

making the robot piñata

Park and me

Amy and Jamir

lovely Erin (Tyson and baby Mae are behind)

pin the tail on the burro
 bad picture: but we even had lights up. it was quite quaint

I sure do love him

Anyways, all and all a good time had. Viva Mexico!

School is going great. Busy but good. It is too fun to have Park in Provo now. He is just a quality man and I love him.

Fall is coming... I love love love it! Sweaters, apple cider, cool weather, scarves, etc. etc. I'm so excited.

Also, I have been riding my fabulous bike to school. Here are the pros: First, it is too cute. Second, it is a little exercise (granted I don't live very far from campus but still). Finally, it is faster than walking so I can sleep a little bit longer. And I'm also not using gas and struggling to find a parking spot. In conclusion, win win win. I love it!

Choco is gone, again, for work to Arizona. Thank goodness I'm busy with school but of course I still miss him. Three weeks this time. :( We are grateful for work though and for skype. I love to see his lovely face. We will survive :)