Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Our California Adventures

My mom and dad had a trip planned to California for the family for a while. Unfortunately, with Chris just barely starting his new job, he needed to stay here to work. So, Oliver and I represented the Lopez family. It was a pretty fabulous week. Thank you parents! We missed our missionary Parker. We had so much fun with him last summer. Love you Park.

Oliver and I flew out of Eugene to LA on Saturday. The GPS on my phone gave us three routes to Eugene and of course I picked the shortest in time. Well, that route ended up taking us on this one-lane road in the forest. It was so beautiful! It really felt like a fairy tale with all of the trees and greenery etc. We saw a Christmas tree farm which was also cool. But eventually, this beautiful route was trying to take us on a road that looked like a four-wheeling trail. So we had to turn around. Anyways, we did make it on the plane (luckily Eugene isn't too big of an airport).

Oliver was so good both times flying. He slept and ate and slept some more. He woke up as we were landing. Such a good boy! Mom and dad and Brit and Addie picked us up in LA and we were off to Oceanside. My mom booked this beach condo for us and it was perfect. It was a block away from the beautiful beach.

We had a fantastic week of enjoying the beach, Disneyland, California Adventure, and Sea World. It really was a wonderful trip. Oliver was a trooper as we partied in the various parks. He likes his stroller and to be outside. I basically fed him all over the place (even on a couple of rides), he napped, and was overall happy. He loves Brit and Addie and of course Grandma and Grandpa. He was not too happy to get into his car seat traveling to and from these fun places. Poor baby. But, we survived. Yay for Disneyland! I'm excited to take him back when he's older and can fully enjoy the magic of the place.

And now for pictures from the trip

beach in Oceanside

sharks were worn in honor of the beach
(thanks to the Fukui's for the onesie)
I puzzled a bit
This was our day hanging out in Oceanside with Grandma, while the rest of the crew headed to The Price is Right. It was kind of a perfect and relaxing day with some of my favorite people. 

Oliver loving bath time:

this kid. love him so much
all ready to go with our Mickey socks
The Haunted Mansion was transformed into
The Nightmare Before Christmas.
 Oliver rode with us and wasn't even scared :) 

 California Adventure:
sure love these two. they know how to party

We love the swings, well at least mom and I do. I tried to talk to my dad during the ride and he wouldn't look at me. I found out afterwards he looks at the person in front of him so he doesn't get sick. He was a trooper to even go.

all tuckered out
Oliver loves silly Uncle Brit
he certainly has the Thomas thin upper lip
we just love this picture. so happy!
oh Oliver, striking a pose
Sea World: It was not busy at all, which was great. The shows were super fun and it was a lovely day. 

closed eyes from Brit and Oliver

 Last day of Disney:

Our first time at Car's Land. It is so adorable.
 And the racers were my favorite ride of the trip.

a little wet after Grizzly Bear River Run 

Oliver loving Addie's kisses as we wait for It's a Small World,
which was completely transformed for the holidays. 
This picture pretty much summarizes this
experience of  Disneyland for me. We did
 lots of nursing and the churros are my
 favorite thing in the park. 

Oliver's adorable Mickey outfit from Grandma.
he even posed for the picture.

Brit trying to get Oliver to smile. no luck
It was a perfect vacation. We're happy to be home with Chris again though and look forward to exploring this new home of ours.
reunited with daddy
Our walk the other morning: