Saturday, June 22, 2013

Almost There

Happy Summer! It has been weird for me to be in an Elementary School this late into the summer, but I have been grateful to be able to do my student teaching now. I have one more week, then I will be all done!! And it feels so good. Turning in my Teacher Work Sample and doing my last observation happened on Monday. We're on the last stretch. Then I will get to graduate in August! I made it!! Of course I will be 36 weeks pregnant, so we'll see how pleasant Graduation will be :) But we're very excited and blessed.

I spent the majority of my student teaching in a sixth grade classroom, which was more pleasant than I had originally anticipated. I enjoyed it even with the soon-to-be middle schoolers that sometimes had a bit of an attitude. I have spent the last couple of weeks in a second grade classroom. It was quite the jump to these little people. They are so funny, and it has been a good experience. I am excited to be done though.

My body keeps growing along with our baby boy. I am 28 weeks along. We have arrived at the third trimester! I really have been blessed with feeling quite well. I did have a little stretch of very awful back pain. Luckily it happened when I was in Pocatello, so my parents took care of me. My wonderful dad and grandpa gave me a blessing. The pain did not stop right away, but by the end of the week I was back to normal (well as normal as being pregnant is). We were very grateful for this blessing because I didn't know if I was going to make it if I was in pain the rest of the pregnancy. 

Chris did come home for almost a week at the end of this little ordeal. I felt so spoiled to have him home, and we pretty much just partied for a week. I cooked on Sunday, but other than that we ate out every night. Scandalous, I know. We also went to a couple of movies, visited Seven Peaks with our Pass of All Passes, bowled, etc. It was a delightful little week. It was very difficult to say goodbye again. That was about 3 weeks ago. I must admit it has been tough. Maybe it's being pregnant or something, but I have definitely cried more than normal. Thank goodness for my fabulous parents to keep me company. They are truly the best, and we've had fun weekends going back and forth. Chris will be home this week sometime, and I can hardly wait. I've wished he was here to experience the joys and sometimes not so joyful moments of all of the pregnancy. But he will be home soon to finish it off with me before we welcome our baby boy to our family. It was so sweet to have him here for the week so he could feel our baby kick and move. I loved him talking to our son in both English and Spanish (to give him a jump start on being bilingual :). 

25 weeks
love the bow tie 

Los Cucos. delicioso 
I was too busy eating to get a good
picture before it was almost all gone.
I love their green cheese enchiladas.

Ruby River Steakhouse. yum
28 weeks!
I have loved feeling this baby move around inside of me. I get the feeling he will be an enthusiastic little boy. I am grateful every day for this miracle.