Sunday, May 5, 2013

New Things

It has been an eventful and exciting couple of weeks.

I finished my last finals week at BYU! It was pretty low-key with not too much stress. I also said goodbye to the TC.

We celebrated Choco's birthday the last day of finals. We went to Goodwood Barbecue for dinner, which was so yummy. We had some friends over that night for cake. I made some tres leches cake. It was my first time, and I think I need some more practice. But everyone seemed to enjoy it. Choco appreciated the effort and said he liked the cake, so it was a success. I gave him some new shirts and a fedora. He is so cute in it. He also got a pull-up bar. He is now officially 27! old man :)
enjoying his Goodwood meal
We packed up our first home. My parents came down and helped us move last Saturday. They are the best. It was a long but good day full of lots of cinnamon rolls, packing, cleaning, driving, lunch at JCW's, and unloading. We have been getting settled in to our new place. It is in a great neighborhood. We're in a larger basement and loving it. 
at our new apartment (in front of the closet...classy right?)
I started my student teaching with SIXTH graders at Columbia Elementary. I'm really excited about it, and it has been a great week with them. I was scared of them at first (and maybe still am a bit) but they are wonderful. I'll be teaching more this week, so I'm looking forward to that. We're even doing some salsa dance for P.E. this week, so we'll see how that works.

In other news, my husband is now in Oklahoma. Crazy huh? But the company he works for is slowing down here, so they sent him off to Oklahoma. He will be there 3 weeks, home for 1 week, then gone again for 3 more weeks. It is hard to be apart, as we learned last fall semester, but we will survive. I will be busy with planning and teaching. He will be working a lot, so it will be fine. I'm grateful for his willingness to work and sacrifice for our family. He's hoping to even see a Thunder game while there.
Choco's new work safety glasses that have his
prescription.  He loves to wear them at home too.  
saying goodbye at the airport today
In other exciting news, my belly has kind of really started to poke out this past week. That boy of ours is growing. It is so fun to feel him moving around inside of me. I'm feeling good and doing well at 21 weeks. It is crazy we're past the halfway point.
look at that belly
A few weeks ago, my mom came down with my grandma and grandpa for a short but sweet visit on a Wednesday. I must confess I really love these people. Grandma and Grandpa wanted to go to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point, so I met them there. We first ate lunch at this fancy and adorable little restaurant. Although it seemed too huge, I managed to finish my whole chicken club sandwich. yum. Then we headed to see the tulips. It was a little chilly and windy and it is too early for all of the flowers to be out, but it was beautiful. It is huge! I think my favorite was the little secret garden. It was a fun outing.
dear mom
G and G Boyce

Mom and I left and hurried to my doctor's appointment. It was time for another ultrasound! We got to see our sweet little boy. Everything seems to be good with him. The tec was pointing some different parts out to us (bladder, kidneys, etc.) and we just had to trust her because it was a little tricky to see. He was kind of in a funny position. Silly boy. But it was great. I still am so amazed at the miracle taking place. We sure love our boy. He weighed about 10 ounces at that appointment. Just a shout out to my wonderful mother for this cutest cardigan for baby L. We've got his Easter outfit all set for next year.

So, we are doing great. Feeling blessed and busy.