Tuesday, March 25, 2014

tennis dates and bike rides

I have been loving tennis dates with my boys. It is fun to get out and play again. Granted, I am not very good, but we have fun laughing at ourselves. Oliver is a trooper, but he does sometimes start eating the rocks on the court which is obviously problematic. Oliver is blurry from moving in the picture from last week below. It is delightful to get out and enjoy this beautiful place. 
Last Saturday, we ventured for a bike ride into Waldport. It really isn't that far, but let me tell you my legs were burnin'. It was good to get some exercise, and Oliver was such a trooper on the back of his dad. The ride was worth it since we got our usual Saturday treat. There is a fabulous little bakery called Pacific Sourdough in Waldport. The people who own and run it are so great and the food is delicious. We usually stock up on a variety of treats: cookies, tarts, pastries, brownies, etc. We limited ourselves to one each this trip. I enjoyed a scrumptious raspberry turnover and Chris loved his apricot tart. We made it home with sore legs and a sleeping baby. It was a perfect Saturday with my two favorite people. 

Just two more pictures: Oliver waking up from a glorious 2 1/2 hour nap yesterday (his face!) and his delicious tummy in his jammies. He always has a onesie on, so I was pretty much obsessed with his perfect little tummy peeking out of his jammies the other night. 

Friday, March 21, 2014


This will be mostly a picture catch-up. Here are some favorite moments from the past little while:

loved seeing cousin Lindsey and her sweetest kids

on the beach
Oliver and Owen trying to figure each other out
we loved having gramma here, obviously
i love this picture
delightful day at the temple. I love my family
love him too much
fried oreos in Portland. simply scrumptious.
thanks to Sugey 
walks with these boys. that face
Madi and Ashley. We love our outings with them.
This was Chinese food at Yummy Bowl for Ashley's birthday.
We're grateful for good friends. 
Baby friends. Love them.

a yellow ball
walks in sunshine!
warm enough for some beach sitting. not a bad life
Oliver has been eating some food.
I believe those are peas all over him. yum
outdoor picnics with my handsome date
we love sunshine
campfire on the beach with the Reece family

that sweet face. yummy
Oliver's current obsession: shoes. he loves our shoe basket
hike by Alsea Falls. 
working on being Oregonians.
we love this beautiful state

a huge table, the top is made from one tree. crazy

our little ewok in the tub
I love seeing those chubby arms
fuzzy morning hair
reading with my boy
my sunshine
could he get any more delicious?
We're loving life. Hopefully a little more consistency on the blog is in our future.

I am so grateful for these two boys in my life and the delight each day is with them .

Thursday, March 20, 2014

6 months

I have been slacking on this blogging thing due to computer issues and perhaps just laziness, but I want to do a six month update on our boy (although he is approaching 7 months all too soon).  Oliver is just a blessing in our lives. He is growing and changing. Some big changes recently are his high quality sitting and scooting. He is now officially a mover, which has made things a little more interesting. He really is getting some speed in his sort of army crawl. He slides right along heading towards our basket of shoes, fireplace, outlets, etc. Of course the most interesting places are not exactly where we want him, so we're keeping our eye on him. The last few days he's been sitting and rocking forward to his hands and knees, but then he goes down to his stomach and the normal scooting begins. I love to watch him experiment and figure things out.

At his six month appointment, he weighed 18 lbs 9 oz (which was around the 70th percentile) and was 27 inches long (around the 75th). So he has gotten taller and is a little tank. He sure is solid and getting harder to haul around, but I love it. Oliver is a healthy and really happy boy. 

His personality is just blossoming. He watches his dad trying to figure him out. He grins and laughs and squeals and sings and screams and talks. He loves dog and pig noises, made by me of course. We love to sing 5 Little Monkeys, Itsy Bitsy Spider, I Hope They Call Me on a Mission, etc. He likes to read books (sometimes he's more interested in eating them). He loves my crazy singing and dancing in the kitchen. I hope he always smiles and giggles while I twirl around singing. I'm excited for him to join me soon enough. We like to go on walks outside and enjoy the sunshine when we get it. We're working on him falling asleep all by himself, which is sometimes hard. But overall, he is a great sleeper. I'm so grateful for that because we are both much happier when we're rested. He loves his papa and always gets excited to see him. Chris is sometimes a little rough (like punching and stuff all in good fun) and Oliver loves it. Oh my boys. I'm sure the rowdiness will only get worse :). Overall, I love my days spent with this little man. He is just a joy.