Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Adventures in Arizona

A few weeks ago, Chris was asked to go to Arizona for work for one week. We thought it would be fun to make it a little vacation (at least for Oliver and me) so we packed up the Vibe and headed to Phoenix. It was a long drive, but Oliver was a champ. He slept much of the way.

Chris worked a lot during the week. Oliver and I hung out in the hotel room watching too much TV, met Chris for lunch occasionally, and went on a few outings. We enjoyed going out to dinner. Overall, it was nice to have a change of scenery. It was a little too hot for me though. Coming back to fall weather here in Utah was lovely. Oliver also got to meet his Grandpa Lopez for the first time and also his Great Grandma.

at Oregano's. delicious food.

look at that wingspan
a little cross eyed :)

Choco loving his strawberry lemonade at Red Robin
yummy hamburgers

We decided to visit the Grand Canyon on our way home. It was the first time for all of us. It was breathtaking and just beautiful. We got there as the sun was setting. Oliver was a trooper and just hung out with dad. He was the cutest.

In other exciting news, we are heading to Newport, Oregon within the month. Chris was offered a new job, so we're moving to the Oregon coast for the next chapter of our lives. We are excited for the adventure that awaits us and working on figuring things out for moving.

Oliver at One Month

Our sweetest Oliver is already one month old! We are just loving each day with this little man. 

At one month Oliver:

-Loves to eat! It's definitely his favorite activity, and he is so good at it! This is clearly seen from his chubby cheeks, belly, and even rolls on his legs. He truly has grown so much from when he was just born! And we love it. He eats probably every two hours. Sometimes a little further apart if we're lucky. He's just a growing boy. 

-Kind of looks like a balding man right now. He has lots of hair in the back, but he's lost his hair in the front. We're sure it will come back. Grandpa Thomas said that he looks like him (referring to his receding hairline).

-Is one strong boy. His legs have been strong from before he was born, as evidenced from his kicking inside of me. We feel like he holds up his head pretty well. He sometimes pushes away or has even been known to punch. We're hoping this aggression will go away :)

-Gets the hiccups quite frequently. Like mother like son. They are loud but he normally doesn't seem to mind them too much.

-Makes the sweetest noise when he tries to sneeze but doesn't. It's like a little sigh. We just love it.

-Is a cuddler. He loves to be held and sleeps best that way, which we know could be problematic. But he's just so sweet so it's hard to put him down. 

-Kind of moans and groans a lot. Usually he's working on some business you know where or needing to burp. 

-Is growing out of some of his clothes, which is crazy to me. Some outfits I thought for sure would be huge on him barely fit! I better get with it or else he won't be able to wear some of his adorable clothes. 

-Has the sweetest dark eyes. He loves to just look around. This morning we were just staring into each others' souls. He wins every staring contest. 

-Loves to suck and lick his lips when he's hungry. He will suck on just about anything, from Chris' arm to his clothes etc. until he gets the real deal. We tease him into giving us kisses when he's hungry. They are delicious and wet as he sucks on our nose, lips, or cheeks. So funny.

-Is a sweet soul. I can tell he is a strong spirit, and I know he will do much good in this world.

-Seems to love Spanish more than English. Most of the time he listens up when his dad talks to him in Spanish. I guess I better keep working on my skills. 

-Is called Oliver mostly. Sometime Ollie. Chris calls him cookies and cream occasionally or baby-to. I call him sunshine. 

-Is just about the yummiest thing. Chris and I are just continually in awe at how sweet and yummy this little man is. We love him to pieces. My heart is truly full.