Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fall Festivities

Yesterday, our friends the Reece's invited us to go to a pumpkin patch with them in Corvallis. It was a beautiful day, warmer than we expected (so we were a little hot in our long sleeves). We first did the corn maze. Oliver had a great time walking through the muddy path and playing with the corn. For some reason, he wasn't super interested in moving forward, so we did some shoulder rides as well to make it through. Then we went for a hay ride to the pumpkin patch. It turned being not the best decision because it took forever for us to get a ride back from the field. And it was quite warm. But the babies were having fun playing on the railroad tracks. Oliver is quite a good thrower of rocks, kind of a dangerous sport I know. Finally, on our hay ride back, I got stung by a bee. But we made it back with our beautiful pumpkins. We paid for them, as well as getting some beautiful, huge bell peppers and fresh green beans. We also had to buy the apple cider, and it is so yummy! The farm is in Corvallis, which is a college town, and apparently all of the college ladies wanted to go pumpkin picking too. So it was a little busy with young ladies, but Oliver didn't mind the attention and was quite the charmer. It was fun to spend the day with the Reece family. I enjoyed the fall festivities.  
stopped, to check something out
too curious to just keep walking :)
the Reece's
hay riding
the patch
pushing it, of course
Madi is so good to share. Oliver, not so much. 
I love these two little people
waiting for a ride back
the rock throwing. watch out
In other exciting news, we had our Primary program during church today. As the primary chorister, I was a little nervous, but the kids did such a fabulous job. They spoke all of their parts so well, and the singing was great! I'm so grateful for the opportunity to work with such amazing kids! It is always a relief to have a successful program. And due to water damage in the building (which is not good) we only had sacrament meeting today (which was kind of good). It was a lovely Sunday around these parts.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Grandma and Grandpa visit!

My amazing parents made the drive to visit us this past long weekend. I love it when they are here. We laugh and play and eat, of course. They are the best with Oliver. He loves them! And we do too. We were lucky with pretty beautiful weather during their visit. 
I still have to pinch myself sometimes at this amazing place we get to live.
Just a walk down the road to this. What a beautiful sunset it was!
love that daddy-o of mine
Oliver LOVES the beach! He loves to play in the sand. He loves to run into the water. He loves to get super messy, of course. I'm pretty convinced he would be content to spend all day every day on the beach. But I guess, really who wouldn't? 
No pants for the journey home because they were too messy. 
On Sunday, Chris wore a thrift store suit (which he tailored a bit). There's a tag on the inside dating it from 1974. I wore my mom's dress that she think she bought around 1982. So we were going retro to church. 
Oliver discovered mango. He was seriously in heaven. Just like his papa is with mango as well. 
More joy at Nye Beach
After getting messy again, we unclothed our boy and he got to snuggle
with me in my jacket. I didn't mind. 
Love those snuggles
in the car, all worn out from the beach
Monday morning we took a walk to the lighthouse. It was a lot less windy than last time we were there (when we were almost blown over, literally). 
We walked down by the bay to check out those noisy sea lions. We also had some delicious Tillamook ice cream. Yummy! And we took grandma and grandpa to our park. Oliver loved walking along with grandpa. 
After dinner Monday night, we went bowling. I won, which doesn't happen too often so I have to enjoy it when it does. It was a fun game!
Tuesday morning we had to say goodbye. Sad day :( But we are grateful for the fun visit! Thanks mom and dad!