Sunday, March 24, 2013

15 Weeks. Apple.

This week has gone quite quickly. It's been good with school. And I'm now 15 weeks along. Baby L is the size of an apple. And honestly, I think my bump has grown. Who knew I would be happy for my pants getting a little snug in the waist?

I had another appointment last week. It was very short but sweet. I love to hear that little heartbeat. On Wednesday (as in this Wednesday) we have our gender check appointment! Can I tell you how excited I am? I know that whatever the baby is, he/she will be exactly who we're supposed to have join or family. So, obviously we're good either way. But, we maybe would like to start with a boy. Because that's maybe what we want, we both think it is a girl. And today, I really think it is a girl. Only time will tell. To be honest, I go back and forth trying to imagine our little one. I would like to say I already "know," but I really don't so we'll see. I think I've had dreams of both scenarios.  Anyways, enough rambling. Gender revealing coming soon. 

Here is me (and Choco) at 15 weeks. (I thought I would be so good at taking these weekly but that hasn't happened.)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sister Boyce

Today, we went to hear my dearest cousin talk before she leaves for the MTC on Wednesday! Katie and I had a little date to the temple on Thursday. It was so special to be in the temple with her. A dinner of temple cafeteria food was a perfect way to finish off the evening. I even had a piece of chocolate cream pie. Yum. Ever since we were tiny, Katie and I have been close as cousins and friends. I sure do love her. I'm so proud of her and her good decisions. Seattle, Washington is receiving an amazing Sister.

She spoke on the Atonement and did a wonderful, sweet job. I'm excited to hear all of the experiences she will have. Oh dear Sister Boyce.

Last weekend, we took a little trek up to Pocatello. Highlights of the trip included Grandma's annual tea party (honestly I love this tradition and was so happy we could be there for it. Thanks Gram!); seeing and visiting with Carrie, Kev, and their adorable boys; sending Brit and Addie off on their European adventure (so excited for them!!); and Sunday dinner of yummy roast, potatoes, carrots (delish). I love my parents, and it's always so great to spend time with them. We are so grateful for them. 

In other news, practicum is going great. I feel so tired every day, blame it on the pregnancy,  but with a little nap after school I make it through the day fine. I'm still not feeling so hot but hanging in there. Third grade is pretty great I must say. I also found out that I will be in West Jordan for my student teaching, so we're on the hunt for a new home for a while. Life is going great.