Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mexico City: Days 2-4

Day 2: We slept in a bit because we were tired from the day before. After getting up, getting ready, and eating breakfast, Choco's friend Negro picked us up. They have been friends from high school, and it was fun for me to meet him. He was so great and was willing to drive us around and entertain us for a day. 

I wanted to go to Teotihuacan. They are Aztec ruins outside of the city. And it was amazing!! It was a large piece of land with a lot of little pyramids and the three big ones: the stars, moon, and sun. I really enjoyed seeing the ruins and trying to imagine what life was like. It also happened to the end of the world, supposedly. It was either because of that or it is always like this, but there were a lot of interesting people. Many people meditating and doing some kind of sun salutation on top of the largest pyramid. Very interesting. But we had a great time. My legs were sore the next day from walking up and down all of the steps, but it was worth it.

piramid del sol
Almost to the top.

After the pyramids, we went back into the city. We drove by Choco's high school Benimerito. Thus the "B" on the hill.
 Driving around we saw this. I loved it. Huge pinata.
 A lovely little cake shop we stopped at to get a cake for dinner. It was Negro's birthday soon.
Then we went to Wendy's house. Her mom had prepared a delicious dinner there. I got to meet some of Choco's friends from high school which was fun. Everyone was so nice, and it was a really fun night.

Day 3: Saturday morning we got up and went to a mercado. It was an outside market with many shops and fun things to buy.
My luchador husband
new Mexican dress. I love it!

Our family shield. It was awesome, but unfortunately
 too much money so we just took a picture. 

After that we wandered around the city. There were some beautiful, old buildings. It was fun to see a bit more of the city. 
a park

I just thought the marble inside of the building
was so pretty, thus the picture of Choco by it.

There was this government building that we went into with this huge painting. It showed Mexico's history. It was really neat but sad. Lots and lots of violence and death to get to where we are today. We sure are grateful for those who have sacrificed for our freedoms both in Mexico and the United States.

a cactus garden. I've never seen one before.
These stands that are places to eat are all over the city.
It smells delicious and helps cover up the somewhat
unpleasant smell found throughout the city. 
Later in the day, we met with some good friends of the family, the Cardenas family. They were so sweet, and it was fun to meet them. We ate together at Applebees. 

Throughout the trip the best way to get around the city seemed to be the Metro. You avoided traffic and it was pretty cheap. Most of the time it was great. Only once it was really, really crowded. We were smashed between lots of people. But it was an adventure. 
  Day 4: Sunday morning we just got up and basically headed to the airport. 
Waiting for our flight home. 
And that was our wonderful trip to Mexico City. It was memorable and really fun. We'll have to go back again soon, hopefully. Throughout the city, there were a lot of people selling things. Everything from cough drops to CDs on the Metro to jewelry to food (of course) all over the streets. I had to get good at saying "no gracias."

On our last Metro ride, when we were going to the airport a blind man got onto our section of the train. He was begging for money. Throughout the trip, I would watch all of these people that clearly needed money. As I watched this blind man walk through the cart, I was reminded of a man that did not ignore anyone. He healed the blind and the sick. In thinking what Christ would be doing if he was here, it wasn't about giving them money. It was about talking with them, teaching them, and blessing them. It was a good reminder of our Lord and his infinite love and compassion.

Besides being fun and getting to explore a new place, this trip helped me re-evaluate myself a bit. I oftentimes get consumed in what we "need" to have or buy. It seems I'm always wanting more. But really, we have been so blessed to have everything and much more than what we actually need. Seeing so many people with less and them still being happy, made me realize I need to be more grateful. We have more than sufficient for our physical needs, and everything we need for our spiritual ones as well. I am most grateful for knowledge of the gospel. This is what brings the most happiness and joy and fulfillment. I am so grateful to know of the Atonement. To know that we have the opportunity to return to live with our Heavenly Father and our families. I'm so grateful for the temple and the blessing of Choco and I being sealed for eternity. What great blessings we have. What a wonderful time of year to remember our Savior. We are indeed blessed in countless ways. I need to be better at remembering this.