Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A little Disney magic

A few weeks ago I got to go with my mom, dad, and Park on a trip to California. Unfortunately, Choco had to work. He is so wonderful and got this new job that as great opportunities for him. So, he stayed at home working 12 hour days in the hot sun, not eating very often :( while we were partying. He is a trooper, and I love him so much!

Our trip was so fun, full of delicious food, exciting days in Disneyland, enjoying the beach, and Hairspray at Tuachan. Here is is in pictures.

The Most Magical Place on Earth:
Although Parker and I may seem too old for Disneyland, we really did have such a fun time. I kind of felt like little kids again. Park is great to bring excitement and fun. I loved him as a little boy, and now I sure do love him as a man. He is so grown up, all graduated and such. We're very excited for him to be here in Provo in the fall. Anyways, it was kind of good all being adults because we could go hard. We still got tired but didn't have to worry about exhausted little kids. We played all day (except maybe a few naps :). I must confess though, I was kind of wishing I had some little kids with me to experience the magic.

Our favorite ride: the Screamer (such a fun roller coaster with everything a good roller coaster should have. rode it three times). I looove Churros, especially from Disney (as is seen in this picture as it is almost gone). 3-D glasses for the classic Star Tours. "Mountain Splash" as Park called it when he was little. Some Thunder Mountain Railroad. Space Mountain. And wet from Splash (we went at 9am which meant no line but we were a bit chilly for a minute)

California Adventure has a Ferris wheel. I normally think it would be fun and a great view. But we were in a rocking car, so it was a little scary for me. I almost had a heart attack. :( But I survived. I don't think I will be riding this one again though. 

Ready to go in the car. It's a Small World was actually fabulous this time. I think they've updated it. I even bought a picture book that came with a CD of the familiar song. Park and I rode the classic teacups: I think I am getting older because I was a bit dizzy after. We had to pose in Mickey and Minne's house in Toontown. The train around the park was great, minus the hilarious dinosaurs. Fun. fun fun.

We watched the fun parade twice. Gotta love some Disney magic, music, dancing, and characters. Mom and I loved it. Mickey was playing the drums, Donald was hitting a pinata, and we saw some princesses and Tink too. Rapunzel was our favorite. She was so cute! Loved the parade. 

Minus Disneyland and the beach, food was incredible on our trip. We ate a variety of foods and treats. Everything was so so delicious, even a Taco Bell chalupa late at night. Included above: Haagen Dazs, The Olive Garden, Miquel's delicious Mexican food, my first time at P.F. Changs (extremely yummy), and incredible Italian ice. Fun times and good food. 

Our Sunday adventures: church in the morning. The church had an open air center or like a courtyard. We thought it was so weird and unique. It would clearly not work in the snow of Idaho or Utah. Church was wonderful full of good people. Then we visited the Mormon Battalion visitor's center. It is very well done. We were really glad we got to go. We went to Hotel del Coronado, which is really old and lovely. It was fun to walk along the beach as well. We visited the temple and walked around. It is lovely. Overall, a nice day with the fam. 

The beach was fun. Unfortunately, it was a little chilly our day at the beach. Mom and I kept on our sweatshirts the whole time. Park and Dad were a bit more adventurous and had fun in the water. Parker was also hilarious with his ukulele throughout the trip. He played in the car... a lot :) and even on the beach. He is so cute. We visited Huntington Beach our last day in California. It was beautiful with the sunset. Very picturesque. I was wishing my Choco was there to kiss me on the beach.

We also saw Hairspray at Tuachan in St. George. We had great seats, and the musical was super fun.

All and all, it was a fun vacation full of good times and food. I love my family, and it was fun to spend time with them. It was also good to get back to my husband. He is a hard working man. His family is coming to today to spend a few weeks with us. We're excited to party with the Lopez family.