Friday, August 31, 2012

My husband

My husband is gone to Arizona for two weeks :(  He is working there because they were short-handed.  
I just miss him. I'm a bit lonely. And I realize what a blessing it is to see him everyday regularly.
 I sure do love him.

We really do have fun together. One example: A bubble gum blowing contest in the car.  

I think he won. I love that we can be silly. We try to enjoy life and all of its moments. 

Here's to Livin' la vida Lopez!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

1 Splendid Year

As of Monday, Choco and I have been married 1 splendid year. To celebrate we had a little getaway to Park City. We went on Saturday afternoon. First, we went to the outlets and wandered around. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) we did not find any things we needed.

Then we checked into our hotel I found on Priceline: Park City Peaks. It was cute and perfect for our evening away. After taking a nap, we got ready for dinner. Choco had made reservations at a restaurant called Grappa. It was quite the experience and really memorable.

Grappa was a beautiful, quaint little restaurant. And it was fancy. Much more fancy than anything we've had before, which made for a fun experience. The ambiance was worth it. It was too cute. We sat on a balcony outside with lights strung and trees surrounding us. It was in this fabulous old building which was full of wonderful little details. I went into the bathroom and couldn't get over the decor. I came back and told Choco he had to go check it out. After seeing people with their popular antipasto appetizer, I figured that we should have the experience and go for it. One thing I discovered from this whole experience is that I am not as fancy as I thought I could be. I don't think our taste buds are super refined for some interesting items. For example, the antipasto included some horrible tasting items including super stinky cheese that was not delicious. There were some delicious components, including duck (who knew we would like that) and some different meats.

For our entrees, I ordered beef cannelloni which turned out to look like some kind of Mexican food (maybe little chimichangas or something) and Choco ordered "lasagna" which was like no lasagna we had ever seen before (no red sauce and it was just one roll). All and all the food was pretty good, but I expected it to blow my socks of considering the prices.

It was too fun to have the experience: observe the fancy old people around us drinking wine, enjoy the ambiance, and pretend like we were also refined.

We love love Chopped on the Food Network. Right now we're kind of obsessed. And because we watch it, we like to pretend we are experts and can critique foods. This experience maybe proved us wrong. I guess it really is a good thing because we cannot afford to eat like that every weekend. Maybe once every five years.

Afterwards we strolled down Main Street and got some amazing ice cream to share. It was a wonderful getaway, and we were back in time Sunday for church.

It is crazy but wonderful it has already been a year. We both feel really blessed to have had such a splendid year. I truly am so grateful for Choco and the blessing of being his wife. What a blessing that this is only one year of eternity. It has been good to learn from each other and enjoy life together. Choco is the best!! All and all I am very very grateful for my husband and the blessings we have. It sure has been 1 splendid year!!