Sunday, January 1, 2012

Perfectly Splendid Break

Happy New Year!! 2012!  It has been a perfectly splendid break for us.  Before we went to Pocatello for Christmas, we had our own Christmas in Provo with just the two of us.   

Please excuse the lack of make up and pjs.
Choco got me a new Ticket to Ride, which I love.
It is Nordic countries and even Christmas-y.  

By the way, my amazing husband graduated for BYU!!
I'm so proud of all of his hard work.
He got this fabulous and official badge from the engineering dept. 
 Pocatello for Christmas:
It was so great to hang out and be the fam.  I love them all so much.
Park is rocking a mustache.  Honestly, I kind of love it!

My mom got sick while we were there :(  So, Dad and I
were in charge of Christmas Day dinner.
Dad's Beautiful Turkey.

 We left Pocatello the day after Christmas.  Tuesday, we headed to Las Vegas to be with the Lopez family.  It was lovely.  We rented a house, ate at too many buffets, played games, went to the temple, and did a lot of shopping.  I love them all!!

Vegas temple was gorgeous! It was so great to
do a session with Amy and Jamir.  

We also drew names and had a gift exchange as well as a little talent show.  Good times. I got a lovely scarf and hat from Josue.

Beautiful Kenia

Oh, Choco

Josue's bride :)

We came back to Provo on Friday.  New Year's Eve was spent at our house.  Mama Lopez made a delicious dinner of pasta.  We played games and barely made it to midnight.  It was a great night spent together.

Happy 2012!